Is Shivani's completely vegetarian? Can I trust there is no animal fat or eggs used in any of your products?

YES!!! At Shivani’s we pride ourselves on delivering a menu catered just for vegetarians & vegans! By being an Indian vegetarian brand, we guarantee 100% that none of our products has any animal fat nor eggs in them. We do use butter and dairy in 

Do you have a Vegan menu?

Yes, we are Vegan friendly…We will shortly have a dedicated Vegan menu available until then you are welcome to ask any of our friendly staff to recommend you Vegan options off our menu!

Do you cater for functions, birthdays or weddings?

Yes, we have an extensive range of products such as fancy trays, Bhaji boxes, gift trays and gift packs all available. Come into our stores to view the collection and to speak with management who will be happy to help you plan all that you need. We also cater for groups.